Author: Evie


Title: Rick's Good Time

Disclaimer: All characters are sole property of Universal Pictures.
Rating: PG

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R i c k ' s   G o o d   T i m e

B y   E v i e




   It all started after I ran off from Hamunaptra, after that bastard Beni dissed me. I rode into Cairo and watched these belly dancers. That's when I want to the Casbah to get a drink.


   I remembered about that little box I had found and wondered what it was. It looked like your ordinary piece of junk, I knew if I could find a drunk he would buy it off me for a couple hundred bucks. Then I pressed my finger to the middle of it and it opened up and poked me. Damn that spike hurt. I saw in the middle lay some kind of paper. I unfolded it and saw it was a map written in some kind of Ancient Egyptian writing. Now what the Hell was I supposed to do with a map I couldn't read? Oh well, I thought. I should probably hang on to this, ya never know.


   The next couple of days I just stayed at a local hotel. Then, the day I was going to leave back home for America, I met a guy named Izzy. He some how found out about the map I had a told me it was very valuable. I really didn't care but I asked him what people around here did for a good time. "My friend", he replied "we fly!" "Excuse me?" "We fly! In a hot air balloon!"  "Right. Don't ya think if I could I wouldn't be in this damn city?" "Well then, come, I will let you ride in mine."


   So I followed the guy until we got to an airfield which from the looks of it, we were the only ones there. "By the way, my name is Izzy." "O'Connell", I replied. "Winston!" He shouted. "Damn, must be out somewhere getting drunk. "I really don't understand how he ever learned how to fly an air plane."  "Wait a minute. Are we talking about Winston Havelock?" I asked. "Why, do you know him?" Yeah, actually him and I met a few weeks back. While I was in Hamunaptra." "Ha Ha Ha! You fool! You actually think I'm going to believe you were in-"


   But before he could finish his sentence we were ambushed by these guys in black who I swear I've seen before. "O'Connell!" Izzy shouted. I started shooting, the only thing I could do. Why were these guys chasing us? What the hell did they want? "Get in the balloon! Hurry up!" "Get ready Izzy start flying!" "Shit!!!!!!" That, made by Izzy was a reason for two things. One was the balloon had been popped by a gun. Two, and more painful was that Izzy had been shot in the ass.


   The men in black raced off into the desert, who by this time you probably already know are the Med-Gai.


   When the balloon hit the ground, me and Izzy headed off for the bar, both of us needing a drink. "So who do you think they were?" Izzy asked. "My guess is as good as yours", I replied. "May I ask what you chaps are talking about?" said a guy I recognized to be Winston. "Oh, just something that happened back at the airfield. Some men ambushed us just before O'Connell tried to tell me he's been to the city of the dead." "City of the dead hey?" said a short little man. "Who the hell asked you?" I replied. "You know, I could have you arrested for talking to me like that." he said. "Right just keep out of my face and I won't shoot ya."


   Not the right thing to say I can tell ya that. That night he had me arrested (yep you guessed it, he was the Warden) and put into Cairo Prison.


   I was there for about a year until one night I got out, well ok I escaped.


   I went to the local Casbah and met a guy named Jonathan. He told me he was a treasure seeker and that's about all I remember because I was soon drunk.


   I do remember seeing the warden there but when you're drunk, nothing matters to you. He was only on his first drink unfortunately and when he found me he told me I was to be hanged the next day for this crime. He asked me how I had gotten my self into this mess and I replied to him with, "I was just looking for a good time."


   The next day, about twenty minutes before I was to be hanged, a woman and her brother came to talk to me. They asked me about the puzzle box they had found that was mine and the rest you already know....