T h e  B o o k  O f  L i t e r a t u r e



The Book of Literature is a page in which you will find poems, lyrics, and other such writings that seem to represent something in the movies The Mummy and The Mummy Returns.  In reading this literature it is my hope that writers will be able to take inspiration from it and perhaps create a new fan fiction story based on it.


All entries are in order from newest to oldest.  All entry designs are of my own creation.


Total Number of Entries in the Book of Literature: 2




Entry Title: With Arms Wide Open
Submitted By: Sakkara
Submitted On: 05/08/01
Updated On: 06/03/01
Submitters Note: I have read various sequels to The Mummy in which Evelyn becomes pregnant.  In all these Rick is thrilled from the very start.  I personally do not feel that he would react that way, at least not at first.  I think he would feel extremely nervous and unsure of whether or not he could handle being in charge of another life.  When I listened to this song one night I started thinking that, hey, that's how Rick O'Connell would probably react to becoming a father.  Anyhow, I hope you like the song.



Entry Title: Curse of the Pharaohs
Submitted By: Sakkara
Submitted On: 05/08/01
Updated On: 05/08/01
Submitters Note:

Really nothing to explain here except that this is rather fitting as far as The Mummy movies go.