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Official Sites:

    The Mummy - The official Universal Studios website for The Mummy.

    The Mummy Returns - The official Universal Studios website for The Mummy Returns.

    Universal Studios - Universal Studios official website.




Actor Based Sites:

    The CatWalk - Dedicated to the lovely Patricia Velasquez.

    Dreamline . . . West - A fan site for the actor Oded Fehr.

    Mummy's Boy - A fan site for the young actor Freddie Boath.

    Oded Fehr a place for your fans - A Yahoo! club for Oded Fehr.




All Other Fan Sites:

    Den of the Med-Jai - A Mummy fan site with lots to view.

    Maggie's Galaxy - Contains some great mummy fan fiction.

    Mummies Alive - A fan site for The Mummy.

    Mummy Awakens Fan Site - A Mummy Returns fan site.

    The Mummy Returns Fan Site - All about the cast and the movie.

    The Rich and Evie Archive - A fan fiction archive dedicated to the romance between Rick and Evie.

    The Rick and Evie Fanclub - A message group at Yahoo! Clubs.