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Sorry, there is no contest for this month.  Please come back in August.




C o n t e s t  R u l e s



> All entries must be submitted by 01 July, 2001.


> All entries must be rated either PG, PG13, or R.


> All winning entries will be posted to the Fan Fiction page.


> All none winning entries will also be posted to the Fan

Fiction page unless otherwise requested by the author(s).

Note that if you do not win the contest, although your piece

of fiction may still be posted, there will be no mention of it

having ever been entered into the contest.


> All entries must be submitted with the author, title, rating,

and disclaimer as a header.


> The judge's decision on the winning entry will be without

question.  Any complaints will be kindly ignored.


> There will be no cash or object prices, as that is most

obviously illegal.  The winner will however be rewarded a

graphic design, the example of which is displayed below.




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