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! The Mummy Returns is set to be released on DVD and video on October 02, 2001 !


PLEASE READ: I have been having a lot of difficulty with fan fiction that has been sent to me.  Due to this I have had to enable some new rules on how you can submit you works.  Please refer to the Submissions Page for more information on how to submit your fan fiction.  If you have already sent me a story that you cannot find on this page then I have been unable, due to errors, to upload it to the site.  Please send your story again using the new rules.  If your story appears to have errors in it of any sort and/or does not appear as it should then also resubmit it.  I am sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused.


I have gone through the Related Sites page and taken down any links that were broken.  If I have taken your site down by mistake or your site has been moved and I took it down not knowing then please let me know.  If you believe that your site is under the wrong category then also let me know.






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