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Wednesday, 26 August 2001


Added a new Egyptian wallpaper.


I have written out new Submission rules.  Please make note of it and follow by these rules for now on when sending me new Fan Fiction, Literature, and Creative Ideas.


New stories uploaded to the Fan Fiction page.


Fan Fiction and Literature pages have been updated with a little bit of a new look.


I have just gone through the Related Sites page and taken down any links that were broken.  If I have taken your site down by mistake or your site has been moved and I took it down not knowing then please let me know.



Wednesday, 09 August 2001


I changed some small things here and there.


Added a new fan Link.


I fixed the images on this site, as some where showing up where they didn't belong but another one did.  i.e. a picture of Beni showing up where a picture of Ardeth Bay belonged.  This is a problem due to Geocities (imagine that) as things in my web design program appear to be working perfectly but look different on the internet.  Anyhow all the photos should be working correctly now.


Wednesday, 01 August 2001



There is now a new page for fans to share their Mummy Artwork!  Check it out and please send in your own works of art.


Image Gallery has been updated with new photos of Ardeth Bay, Evelyn and Rick O'Connell.


Fan Fiction page has been given a new look and has finally been completed!